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Pathful Explore

Pathful Explore is a college and career readiness platform designed for 6th -12th grade students that empowers them with the content and tools they need to adapt to the rapidly evolving world of work. It provides a combination of interactive tools, assessments, and real-world exploration videos to empower students so they can explore diverse career pathways. Additionally, the opportunity for college and career research, internships, jobs, and work-based learning, and financial aid and scholarships is present on the platform. As our students take the College and Career Readiness assessment, their survey results, which matches a person’s interests to career clusters, will aid Lakeshore High School as well as students in making course selection decisions based on their interests and activities they most enjoy. If you would like your student to take the assessment, go to, scroll over “Login,” and click “Explore.” Type in and select “Lakeshore High School,” click “Student/Users” and login with your students’ STPSB username and password (the same login as they use on their Chromebook). Click on Assessments and “Start New” on the Career Clusters Interest Survey.

2024-2025 Program of Study

Allison Hnatyshyn
Grades all 9 & only 10 Last Names N-Z

Lindsey Hernandez
Grades all 11 & only 10 Last Names G-M

Michelle Canas
Grade all 12 & only 10 Last Names A-F

Regina Margavio

Please check your student’s progress on JPAMS and contact the teacher and/or counselor by email if there are any concerns.