LHS Style Handbook & Resource Guide

Our mission is to provide students and teachers with a style and resource guide that applies to any and all disciplines at Lakeshore High School. MLA (Modern Language Association) is the universal format for developing written documents. Although other styles of formating are equally acceptable, MLA is our school's preferred method. Even though some Lakeshore teachers may ask students to use a modification of these guidelines, using this handbook will help students develop consistency and accuracy in following one style. Another benefit of this handbook is that students and teachers will find formulas, resources, and interactive links for all disciplines at Lakeshore High.

*This source will be a live document that will be modified as needed.*

General LHS Guidelines MLA Research Format Departmentalized Resources Teacher Resources
MLA Heading MLA Heading Arts  
Plagiarism Submission Details English  
Submission Details Bibliography Foreign Language  
  Citations Math  
Senior Project Basic MLA Format    
  The Basics    
  Formatting in Word 2007    
  In-Text Citations Defined    
  In-Text Citations MLA    
  Puntuation In-Text Citations MLA    
Writing Tips Work Cited Page Science  
Paragraph & Essay Writing Easy Bib Social Studies  
Common Essay Mistakes Citation Machine Vocational  
Sample Writings (Good & Bad) Noodletools    
3 Steps to Writing an Essay Bibme    
10 Stepts to Writing an Essay

How To Guide

How to Cite eReader

Basic Parts of Essay Outline Plagiarism  
Thesis Statement How To Basic Outline Avoiding Plagiarism  
Thesis Statement What is it? 5 Paragraph Essay Definition How to Avoid  
  Research Paper    
Punctuation, Mechanics, & Usage Research Writing Thesis Statements  
Grammar Girl Writing Process Good & Bad Samples  
American University Paraphrasing    
  Quoting Blocked    
  Quoting Punctuation    
  Basic Process    
  Quotes & Parahprasing    
Quotes & Paraphrasing      
Introduce into Essay      
Blocked Quotes