Faculty Staff Title


Teacher Websites

Christian Monson   Principal Mr. Monson's Website christian.monson@stpsb.org
April Jarrell   Assistant Principal   april.jarrell@stpsb.org
Stephen Soileau   Assistant Principal Mr. Soileau's Website stephen.soileau@stpsb.org
Andrew Knock  

Administrative Assistant

Mr. Knock's Website andrew.knock@stpsb.org
Administrative Support        
Angel Vicknair Ext. 2013 Discipline   angela.vicknair.stpsb.org
Cindy Penton Ext. 2101 Front Office   cindy.penton@stpsb.org
Carmen Olivard Ext. 2102 Bookkeeper   carmen.olivard@stpsb.org
Amy Riddell Ext. 2100 Student Services   amy.riddell@stpsb.org
Faculty (Alphabetical Listing)        
Alvarez, Meredith   Math Ms. Alvarez's Website meredith.alvarez@stpsb.org
Barocco, Casey   Science Mr. Barocco's Website casey.barocco@stpsb.org
Basse, Joela   Social Studies Ms. Basse's Website joela.basse@stpsb.org
Battistella, Greg   Gym Coach Battistella's Website greg.battistella@stpsb.org
Bazin, Joy   English Ms. Bazin's Website joy.bazin@stpsb.org
Beebe, Paul   SPED   paul.beebe@stpsb.org
Benefiel, Nicole   Food and Nutrition Ms. Benefiel's Website nicole.benefiel@stpsb.org
Booth, Tracy   Para   tracy.booth@stpsb.org
Brown, Lindsey   Social Studies Ms. Brown's Website lindsey.brown@stpsb.org
Byers, Craig Ext. 2111 Band Mr. Byer's Website craig.byers@stpsb.org
Canas, Michelle Ext. 2115 Guidance (12th)   michelle.canas@stpsb.org
Carter, Helen   Math Ms. Carter's Website helen.carter@stpsb.org
Chatman, Sgt. Samuel Ext. 2128 JROTC Sgt. Chatman's Website samuel.chatman@stpsb.org
Christiansen, Mary   Math Ms. Christiansen's Website mary.christiansen@stpsb.org

Colgrove, Elizabeth


Special Populations



Dauterive, Allen   Distance Learning   allen.dauterive@stpsb.org
Day, Amy   Graduation Coach   amy.day@stpsb.org
DeArk, April   Math Ms. DeArk's Website april.deark@stpsb.org
Drewes, Sara Ext. 2107 Library/English Ms. Drewes' Website sara.drewes@stpsb.org
Dunbar, Megan   French   megan.dunbar@stpsb.org
Dyer, Paige   Social Studies Ms. Dyer's Website paige.dyer@stpsb.org
Faciane, Rhetta Ext. 2122 Chorus Ms. Faciane's Website henrietta.faciane@stpsb.org
Favalora, Melanie   Math Ms. Favalora's Website melanie.favalora@stpsb.org
Fernandez, Melissa   English Ms. Fernandez's Website melissa.fernandez@stpsb.org
Floyd, Elizabeth   Talented Music Ms. Floyd's Website elizabeth.floyd@stpsb.org
Foreman, Virginia   Social Studies Ms. Foreman's Website virginia.foreman@stpsb.org
Frederick, Jennifer Ext. 2118 School to Work Coordinator Ms. Frederick's Website jennifer.frederick@stpsb.org
Garrety, Betsy   Science Ms. Garrety's Website betsy.garrety@stpsb.org
Gerace, Christine   Arts Ms. Gerace's Website christine.gerace@stpsb.org
Gerald, Laura   English Ms. Gerald's Website laura.gerald@stpsb.org
Glassett, Bobette   ESL Ms. Glassett's Website bobette.glassett@stpsb.org
Happel, Christopher   PE Coach Happel's Website christopher.happel@stpsb.org
Hebert, Jennifer   PE Coach Hebert's Website jennifer.hebert@stpsb.org
Himber, Alicia   Science Ms. Himber's Website alicia.himber@stpsb.org
Jackson, Hannah   Spanish   hannah.jackson@stpsb.org
Johnson, Shelley   Talented Theater Ms. Johnson's Website shelley.johnson2@stpsb.org
Johnston, Janet   IBCA Ms. Johnston's Website janet.johnston@stpsb.org
Jones, Bethany   English   bethany.jones@stpsb.org
Jones, Craig   PE Coach Jones' Website craig.jones@stpsb.org
Kennedy, Robyn   Talented Art Ms. Kennedy's Website robyn.kennedy@stpsb.org
Kent, Kimberly   Math Ms. Kent's Website kimberly.kent@stpsb.org
King, Tiffini   Science   tiffini.king@stpsb.org
Kirkman-Scott, Tara   Social Studies Ms. Kirkman-Scott's Website tara.kirkmanscott@stpsb.org
Knock, Andrew   Administrative Assistant   andrew.knock@stpsb.org
Lee, Amanda   Science/Vocational Ms. Lee's Website amanda.lee@stpsb.org
Legendre, Jordie   Science Ms. Legendre's Website jordie.legendre@stpsb.org
Lewis, Michelle   Para   michelle.lewis@stpsb.org
Lunsford, Daniel   Drafting Mr. Lunsford's Website daniel.lunsford@stpsb.org
Maggio, Jill   Health Ms. Maggio's Website jill.maggio@stpsb.org
Mecom, Michelle   Math Ms. Mecom's Website michelle.mecom@stpsb.org
Milam, Courtney   English Ms. Milam's Website courtney.milam@stpsb.org
Mitchell, Kathy   RNC/SPED Ms. Mitchell's Website kathy.mitchell@stpsb.org
Mlandenoff, Marcio   Para   marcio.mlandenoff@stpsb.org
Moroney, Elizabeth   Social Studies Ms. Moroney's Website elizabeth.moroney@stpsb.org
Oalmann, Carol   English Ms. Oalmann's Website carol.oalmann@stpsb.org
Palermo, Toni   English Ms. Palermo's Website toni.palermo@stpsb.org
Paulsen, Leslie   Math Ms. Paulsen's Website leslie.paulsen@stpsb.org
Picou, Kimberly   Foreign Language Ms. Picou's Website kimberly.picou@stpsb.org
Price, Curtis  


Mr. Price's Website curtis.price@stpsb.org
Ritter, Courtney   Science Ms. Ritter's Website courtney.ritter@stpsb.org
Roberts, Rebecca   Math Ms. Roberts' Website rebecca.roberts@stpsb.org
Rowe, Adam   Social Studies Mr. Rowe's Website adam.rowe@stpsb.org
Rumsey, Kylie   Nurse   kylie.rumsey@stpsb.org
Saladino, Gay   Para   gay.saladino@stpsb.org
Saltaformaggio, Louis   Science   louis.saltaformaggio@stpsb.org
Schubert, Martha   SPED Coordinator   martha.schubert@stpsb.org
Scott, Vicki   Science Ms. Scott's Website vicki.scott@stpsb.org
Sheps, Fero   Social Studies Mr. Sheps' Website fero.sheps@stpsb.org
Spencer, Erica Ext. 2116 Guidance (11th)   erica.spencer@stpsb.org
Stiebing, Tammy   English Ms. Stiebing's Website tammy.stiebing@stpsb.org
Sullivan, Carrie   Spanish   carrie.sullivan@stpsb.org
Treigle, Megan   Math Ms. Treigle's Website megan.treigle@stpsb.org
Vezain, Alexis   Dance Ms. Vezain's Website alexis.vezain@stpsb.org
Vorenkamp, Maj. Paul Ext. 2128 ROTC Maj. Vorenkamp's Website paul.vorenkamp@stpsb.org
Waldrop, Darla Ext. 2104 Para   darla.waldrop@stpsb.org
Waldrop, Jessica   Art Ms. Waldrop's Website jessica.waldrop@stpsb.org
Watsey, Stephen Ext. 2117 Guidance (9th)   stephen.watsey@stpsb.org
Williams, Sydney   Social Studies Ms. Williams' Website sydney.williams@stpsb.org
Yancey, Ingrid   IBCA Ms. Yancey's Website ingrid.yancey@stpsb.org