Lakeshore Titan Alumni Association

Spirit runs deep in the veins of anyone who calls themselves a Lakeshore Titan. That spirit continues to thrive even after saying goodbye to Lakeshore’s halls. The Lakeshore High School Alumni Association was created with a single purpose in mind; to facilitate the continuity and growth of school spirit amongst its members.

The Alumni Association is just starting out, having been created in the summer of 2013. However, Lakeshore graduates are accustomed to belonging to something that’s brand new. Just as we propelled the school to new heights while students, we will continue to push the school to broader horizons as graduates.

In addition to building school spirit, the Alumni Association will also look to foster community with the graduates. We’re looking at holding numerous chances and events for alumni to return to campus, and to rekindle old relationships with fellow Titans.
In the near future, there will be many means of communication for alumni to receive information about the school. We’re looking into digital and postal newsletters, websites, and other (including social media) forms of communication. It is our goal for every graduate to have the equal chance and exposure to getting involved.

Although we’re just starting out, we already have one goal on our mind; to make this a success. We don’t want the Alumni Association to be dull, or inactive, or quiet, because, that’s not at all how it felt to attend Lakeshore as students. We want this to be the best Alumni Association it can be, and there’s no group better to make it so than the graduates of Lakeshore High School.

Even though we may become different things or move to different places, we will always share one thing in common. We will always have the same Fightin’ Titan spirit, and a school to call home. Go Titans!

MJ Hernandez
Austin Hart
Claire Wingerter
Andy Antunez